Die Classical:NEXT hat sich als führende Musikmesse für innovative und kreative Musikschaffende und Produzenten entwickelt. Dieses Jahr fand sie zum dritten Mal insgesamt, und zum zweiten Mal im Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Wien statt. Die Classical:NEXT sieht sich selbst als Innovationslabor für die Zukunft der klassischen Musik weltweit. Über 1.000 Musiker, Label und Produktionsfirmen sind vertreten. Die Keynote zur Eröffnung, ein flammendes Plädoyer für einen neuen "digitalen Humansimus", hielt niemand geringerer als Thomas Hampson (Interview in Englischer Sprache. Alle Interviews, die wir auf der Classical:NEXT 2014 führen durften, finden Sie auf dieser Seite (bitte scrollen Sie dazu einfach weiter nach unten). Viel Spaß im Forschungslabor der klassischen Musik...


Classical:NEXT - Finale 2014 and Outlook 2015

While stage hands are cleaning up after the final session of Classical NEXT 2014, director Jennifer Dautermann and communication manager Paul Bräuer speak about the learnings, successes (10 percent increase in delegates) and improvements of Classical NEXT 2014 (further global expansion). Among the future enhancements is the plan to sponsor an award for best practise examples at Classical NEXT 2015.


Brendan Jan Walsh - Classical Mutineer

Brendan Jan Walsh calls himself a "classical mutineer". His motto is "Classical music is dead. Long live classical music." Brendan tries to share his passion for classical music but cut the frills of its conventions at the same time. He organizes "classical dance raves" where people dance to strictly classical music. He is also a promoter of the "Music Animation Machine", a live visualization of music in a entirely new form.


ClassicalNEXT - Christopher Widauer, Vienna State Opera

Christopher Widauer, head of digital development of Vienna State Opera, presents a short insight into the live streaming services of Vienna State Opera. Among others, Vienna State Opera in cooperation with Samsung also introduced the first Ultra-HD-stream worldwide. It provides viewers with an entirely new experience and a picture so vivid and detailed that it feels almost like sitting in the audience.


ClassicalNEXT - Franz Patay, IMZ

Franz Patay, secretary general of International Music Centre IMZ, speaks about chances, opportunities and risks of classical music in the realm of audio-visual communication. His panel claim "The future is audio-visual" does not automatically imply easy street. Mutliple platforms, information channels and a mulittude of possible screens actually require a whole new thinking.


Peter Wiegold, Composer - Classical NEXT

Peter Wiegold, composer, conductor and head of the Institute of Composing in London, speaks about venturing into new realms of composing classical music. This includes a re-definition of the term "classical" since it integrates all conceivable elements of sound, language and global culture as well as a new balance between conventional structure and improvisation.


David Boos, Odradek Records - Classical NEXT 2014

David Boos from Odradek Records (the name is derived from a Kafka novel) presents his company as the first private "non profit" label. After recouperation of costs, all revenues go directly to the artists. Secondly, he introduces "anonymuze", a web platform that allows the anonymous audition and evaluation of artist-demo-material.