TALKING:NEXT with Jennifer Dautermann - Director C:N

Round two for the Classical:NEXT! Klassik.TV met Jennifer Dautermann during the Opening Event at MAK (Museum for applied arts) in Vienna. Jennifer speaks about the challenges and the chances of classical music creation and distribution and what "NEXT" really stands for...

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Werner Dabringhaus - Head of CLASS Germany

Werner Dabringhaus is the one of the movers and shakers behind the Classical:NEXT. The co-founder of CLASS Germany and boss of MDG tells us about the offsprings and the backgrounds of Classical:NEXT.

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William Hope, Director Label Relations, Spotify

William Hope speaks about the challenges of making classical music metadata more transparent on his streaming plattform and making classical music available to a wider audience...

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Uffe Savery - Head of Copenhagen Phil and Classical:NEXT Jury Member

Doing the uncommon is a common thing for Uffe Savery. The classically trained percussionist made a cross-over career before the term even existed. Currently, he is the head of Copenhagen Phil and - among other novel projects - performed two very successful flash mobs with his orchestra that earned them more than 11 million viewers on youtube.

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Ivan Ilic - Pianist

Klassik.TV met Ivan Ilic, an internationally successful pianist, who is looking forward to the ever emerging possibilities of the visualisation of music. For him, visualisation is one of the new ways to get general audiences connected and "closer" to new and exciting music and its composers.

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Naomi Grabel, Director Marketing Carnegie Hall

Meet Naomi Grabel, Director Marketing of the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York City. Naomi hosted a panel about developing a digital audience online and speaks about ways to connect artists and audiences - a key issue in the future of classical music.

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Thiago Cury, Musician & Producer AguaForte, Brazil

Thiago's personal vision is "one music", the blend of classical, traditional and popular (Brazilian) music into a new and innovative style combining the best of all worlds. His novel approach also includes to bring scores from Sao Paulo to Europe to perform and discuss them with participants of the Classical:NEXT.

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Marshall Marcus, Head and Founder of Sistema Europe

Marshall Marcus is the head and founder of Sistema Europe, the offspring of the extremely successful music education programme in Venezuela. Currently, he supervises 30 programmes in 20 countries. His vision for the "NEXT" of classical music is the marriage of tradition and innovation.

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August Schram, Tenor

August Schram is the protagonist of the ground-breaking "metube" video performance, a slightly revised new age version the Carmen-Habanera. He talks about how easy it is to reach an audience on the internet but how difficult it might be to get your revenues in return...

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Christoph König, Violinist and Composer Uwaga

Christoph König and his ensemble Uwaga successfully combine improvisation, jazz and other styles with classical music. He promotes the art of improvisation as a key to the tradition and the innovation of classical music alike.

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Michael Klier, Education Manager Netherlands Music Broadcasting Center

Michael Klier advertises the edcuation of young audiences as a key to promoting classical music in the future. According to Michael, independent and main stream impulses should be combined in a strong movement for this invaluable cultural good.

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